Socio-entrepreneurial corporation "Almaty"

  • Unified Business Development Program in Almaty
  • Single window for investors and entrepreneurs in Almaty
  • Simple communication between public authorities and entrepreneurs


Service center for long-functioning entrepreneurs and beginners: from consultation, training, elimination of administrative barriers, to the issuance of loans and business support.

Qolday tasks:

  • reducing administrative barriers
  • infrastructure development
  • training
  • lending
  • project support    



Almaty Social-Entrepreneurial Corporation JSC

Almaty SEC is a bridge between the state and business.

The assets of Almaty SEC include land plots and objects of various purposes. A total of 120 land plots under long-term leases from Almaty and its subsidiaries and 18 facilities. 

The plots are non-stationary trade objects and constructions of large enterprises, which are usually empty buildings, the purpose of which depends on the purpose of the land plot. 

SEC Almaty tries to maintain a balance between commercial and social projects, so first of all it pays attention to the social component of projects from business entities and investors.

Now a new approach to the distribution land is being developed - through an open tender. Competitions will be announced publicly on the website of SEC Almaty and in the media.

One of the new directions of activity of SEC Almaty is work with investors. They are attracted not only to industrial zones and large projects, but also to separate buildings and land plots in the city for the creation of enterprises of various industrial and social purposes.

A new structural subdivision - Almaty Invest - is engaged in this direction.


Almaty Invest and Industrial Zone of Almaty LLP

Provide a special investment climate and comfortable working conditions for investors.

Almaty Invest — is a link between investors and the opportunities and resources of SEC Almaty JSC.  


Almaty Industrial Zone LLP works to provide land and preferential conditions for business development - construction of large industrial and light industrial enterprises on its territory, the subsidiary of SEC Almaty JSC.

  • Total area - 490 ha

  • IZA members - 39 companies

  • Among are the companies from Russia, Japan, China, India, South Korea, Iran and Germany

  • Total amount of planned private investments amount 152.2 billion tenge

Priority sectors:

- Mechanical Engineering

- Food industry

- Chemical industry

- Light Industry

- Construction

- Pharmacy

Microcredit programs are implemented within the framework of the Almaty Business-2025 Program, which meets the mission of City for Business and Private Capital.

Provides an alternative affordable source of funding for micro, small and medium-sized private businesses in Almaty.

Almaty Finance LLP issues pledge loans from 20 to 300 million tenge


Microfinance organization Almaty JSC provides mortgage loans from 1 to 20 million tenge.


  • In the Qolday centre any entrepreneur will receive advice, necessary help and support!
  • SEC will provide resources for business!
  • Almaty Invest will comfortably accompany the investor to the business space of Almaty!


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