Socio-entrepreneurial corporation "Almaty"

The announcement of the auction trading process

JSC "National Company" Socio-Entrepreneurial Corporation "Almaty" announces the auction trading method, method - raising, on the implementation of the following sale of objects: The block of shares at a rate of 7.09504818% of the authorized capital of JSC "Bacchus" (hereinafter - the package shares); BIN: 941140000417; Type of shares: ordinary share; Number of shares, pcs .: 1109027 shares; Sell ​​shares, pcs .: 78 686 shares; Sell ​​shares in% of the outstanding: 7.09504818%; Average number of employees, pers .: 302 people .; Address: Almaty, st. . Gogol, d 223, tel .: 250-30-50, 250-30-88; Appraiser: LLP "T & M Consulting»; Estimated value, starting price (price), n .: 307,193,000.00 (three hundred and ninety-seven million one hundred three thousand) tenge without VAT; Guarantee fee - 46,078,950.00 (forty-six million seventy-eight thousand nine hundred fifty) tenge. Evaluation Date: February 22, 2016. Land (2.4941 hectares), located at the address: Almaty, Turksib district, eastern. Str. Spassky sat down. Str. Bekmakhanov; cadastral number 20-317-005-143; land area, ha .: 2.4941 hectares; purpose: to build a production base; indivisible land. Appraiser: LLP "T & M Consulting»; Estimated value, starting price (price), n .: 153,355,259.0 (one hundred fifty-three million three hundred fifty-five thousand two hundred fifty-nine) tenge without VAT; Guarantee fee - 23,003,289.0 (twenty three million three thousand two hundred eighty-nine) tenge. Evaluation Date: April 19, 2016. Built-in non-residential premises with a total area of ​​748.8 square meters, located at: Almaty, Almaly District, ul. Baitursynov, d.79, with the land; Year built: 1966 .; Masonry: Brick; Floors: part of the 1st floor; land plot cadastral number 20-311-015-101; land area, ha ha .: 0.1856 share of 0.0287 hectares; purpose of the land: for the operation and maintenance of non-residential premises; restrictions on use and encumbrance of the land: to provide access for maintenance and repair of engineering networks; indivisible land.Evaluator: LLP "T & M Consulting»; Estimated value, starting price (price) one lot, n .: 143,030,985.0 (one hundred forty-three million thirty thousand nine hundred eighty five) tenge without VAT; Guarantee fee - 21,454,648.0 (twenty-one million four hundred and fifty-four thousand six hundred forty-eight) tenge. evaluation Date: February 4, 2016. Bidding will take place May 31, 2016 11:00 am (Astana time) on the web-portal of the State Register of, In accordance with the Rules of the sale of objects of privatization, approved by Resolution №1174 of December 31, 2015 and the Rules of the electronic auction for sale of property on the web portal of the state property registry. A single operator in the field of registration of the state property maintains a registry of web portal, as well as receives guarantee fees bidders (in an auction), lists guarantee participation fee, the winning bid on the seller's account and returns to margin calls to other bidders. on the contract of sale Calculations are made between JSC "NC" SEC "Almaty" and the buyer. At the same time the buyer makes payments in the following order: 1) Guarantee fee credited against the advance payment payable to; 2) The remaining amount must be paid by agreement of the parties, but not later than thirty (30) calendar days from the date of signing the purchase contract. The seller is a VAT payer. The amount of the contract of sale is made with VAT. Requisites for admission margin: JSC "Information and Cost Center" BIN 050540004455, BIC KZKOKZKX, IIC KZ529261501102032004, Bank: "Kazkommertsbank" JSC, PNC 171, KBE 16. For more information on carrying out of the auction can be found at: Almaty, st. Abylaikhan, 74 "a", contact phone number: +7 (7272) 266-84-82, ext (418).

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