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Public information on SEC and its subsidiaries

Socially-entrepreneurial corporation conducts specialized activities on asset and land management, as well as implements business and investment projects through its subordinate enterprises.

In accordance with Article 8 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan On Access to Information, within the framework of the principles of the Open Government portal we place reference information on the directions of our activities.



Brief reference on the objects

The Project Management Department performs the functions of supporting SPC property (assets) in the form of non-residential premises, administrative and industrial buildings. As of today, there are 18 items of property in SPC assets, including 5 non-residential premises, 9 buildings, 1 dwelling house (in fact, 2 on the same territory), 1 service station, 1 empty plot of land, 1 non-residential building plot. The total book value of the objects exceeds 814 million tenge.

Currently, the Department is taking measures to obtain land plots for the 9 facilities transferred. In addition, work is under way to return 2 facilities to communal ownership (non-residential premises for the Bakytty Wastewater Social Project).

In addition, the Department carries out the procedure for obtaining and registering land plots for investment projects and land plots for non-stationary trade objects of Almaty Azyk LLP. The Department is working to find investors for projects ready for implementation with a social focus.

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Infrastructure Reference

The Department of Infrastructure Development, SMEs, and Methodology is engaged in the comprehensive implementation of programs and project support. Currently, there are 7 projects in operation, and the concept of two tenders is under development - selection of investment projects for the declared lots, selection of contractors for land plots for commercial activities.

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Certificate of activity of Almaty Invest

Almaty Invest is a structural subdivision of SEK Almaty, established in 2019. The main driver of investment attraction, implementation of anchor projects, creation of favorable conditions for development of large and medium investment projects in Almaty.

Tasks of Almaty Invest:

  • Individual approach to each investor, post-investment support;
  • Reducing administrative barriers, "One stop shop" principle;
  • Consulting support of concession and PPP projects;
  • Support and creation of favorable conditions for attracting investments.



Almaty Capital Construction Enterprise LLP 

Carries out activity on search of the ground areas for building of new apartment houses; moving of owners of apartments in houses which are intended for demolition; reconstruction of inhabited building, in the form of demolition of dilapidated habitation and building of new apartment houses; preparation of the design-budget documentation and the control of civil and construction works on the objects.

More detailed description of PKS LLP projects as of 2019 can be found here:

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Industrial Zone of Almaty LLP

Platform for industrial production and support to private entrepreneurs and investors in the implementation of projects in the territory of the Alatau district.

- Total area of 490 ha;

- IZA members - 39 companies;

- Among them are companies from Russia, Japan, China, India, South Korea, Iran and Germany;

- Total amount of planned private investments - 152.2 billion tenge;

Detailed description of the launched projects as of 2019 can be found here:

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Almaty branch "Almaty Finance" LLP

Program Operator for the formation and use of the regional foodstuffs stabilization fund for restraining seasonal growth of prices for socially significant foodstuffs. The program is implemented through its own trade and retail network, as well as through the trading networks of partners.

Briefly for 2019:

There are 28 trading pavilions in the assets, all are modernized.

- We ensured a transparent system for obtaining lots to participate in the fair, and signed 262 contracts for the first half of 2019. To date, we are working together with the Almaty Central Administrative District to develop queue automation at weekend fairs based on Open Almaty.

- The work on registration of all participants of the fair as taxpayers has been organized. It is planned to install electronic cash registers.

- Operational and economic activities allow to fully cover all expenses of the Partnership.

On 12 April 2019, the Company held an auction for the right to sublease land plots, where the total monthly sublease amount for 5 land plots amounted to 5,150,000 tenge.

A second auction for 5 land plots was announced on 28 June 2019.

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