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In Almaty will begin construction of a modern gas filling stations worth 180 million tenge

In Almaty will begin construction of a modern gas-filling stations. The memorandum, in which the object is erected, signed Chairman of the Board of the national company "Almaty" Socio-Entrepreneurial Corporation Murat Daribaev and a private investor of the project LLP «Auto Life» Andrew Cherednikov. In order to implement the project the Akimat of Almaty 4 plots were allocated. The cost of construction of gas-filling stations will be about 180 million tenge. As noted in the management of business and industrial-innovative development of Almaty, construction of the station is one of the projects in the sphere of improvement of SEC "Almaty" city air. It is noted that natural gas compares favorably with conventional fuels due to its cost effectiveness. Price cubic meters of natural gas in 2-3 times lower than the price of petrol and diesel, which provides a significant reduction in fuel costs. Installation of LPG equipment pays off active service for 1-1.5 years. Due to the purity of the composition of the natural gas resource of the engine is increased by 1.5-2 times, thus reducing the amount of harmful emissions into 2-3 times the carbon monoxide, 2 times - Nitrogen Oxides, 3 times - hydrocarbons, 9 times - by smoke. The project will be implemented within the framework of the program "Almaty - 2020". Construction of a modern gas-filling stations Almaty will help to "green" economy.

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