Socio-entrepreneurial corporation "Almaty"

           LLP "Almaty Azyk" created in 2010, is a subsidiary of JSC "NC" SEC "Almaty". The main objective of the Association is the purchase, storage and sale of socially important food products in the city of Almaty. private commercial and logistics infrastructure has been established to achieve this objective, a partnership consisting of 28 trading pavilions, stalls and other commercial equipment.
           Together with JSC "NC" SEC "Almaty" is the operator of the Program of formation and use of regional stabilization fund of food products, approved by the Government of Kazakhstan. The program is aimed at curbing the seasonal rise in prices for socially important food products. The program is carried out through its own commercial and retail network, as well as through retail network of partners.

И.о. Генерального директора "Almaty Azyk":
Айнабеков Марат Фаритович;
Phone: 8 (727) 266-84-82;
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • 303 Baizakov str.,
    Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan 
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