Socio-entrepreneurial corporation "Almaty"

2008 Enterprise of capital construction of Almaty City Akimat LLP was established on August 28, 2008 in accordance with the resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 6, 2007 № 1039 Plan of priority actions to ensure the stability of social and economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is an authorized organization to complete the construction of troubled housing facilities with the participation of shareholders.

In 2007, 16,201 shareholders were registered in 132 residential complexes in Almaty, including 15,794 shareholders in 129 residential complexes.

In order to solve the problems of dilapidated housing stock of Almaty and to improve the living conditions of citizens, in February 2012, the city program for demolition of dilapidated houses in Almaty for 2012-2015 was approved, the results of which gave a positive social effect, as well as support to the population of Almaty.

As part of the programme, 38 dilapidated apartment buildings were demolished and 51 new apartment buildings were built.  469 families from dilapidated houses received new apartments.

2015 In accordance with the Programme, Kazakhstan Mortgage Company JSC and PKS LLP signed an agreement on financing the construction of the residential part of the Athletic Village in preparation for the Universiade 2017.

In December 2015, the plot No.10 of the residential part of the Athletic Village for 170 apartments was put into operation, and in the first half of 2016, the plot No. 8-9 for 340 apartments was put into operation.

According to the Resolution of the Almaty City Akimat dated September 30, 2016, the unfinished construction projects of the Athletic Village were handed over to Elitstroy Almaty LLP for further completion.

In accordance with Resolution No. 2/174 of May 2, 2018 of the Almaty City Akimat, On Certain Issues of Limited Liability Partnership Capital Construction Enterprise of Almaty City Akimat, the sole founder of Capital Construction Enterprise of Almaty City Akimat LLP is Social-Entrepreneurial Corporation Almaty JSC.

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