Microfinance Organization of Almaty

Crediting of micro and small private enterprise objects

up to 500 thous. KZT

up to 7 years

2 and 7%

loan amount

loan terms

interest rate

Social-Entrepreneurial Corporation “Almaty”

SEC Almaty is a bridge between government resources and business

Industrial Zone of Almaty

Territory for large industrial and production business projects






billion tenge

Capital construction company

Solving the problems of half-destroyed housing and urban development



439 families

dilapidated houses demolished

new houses
were built

have received new appartments

Almaty Finance

Alternative affordable source of financing for private entrepreneurs

up to 300 mn. KZT

up to 7 years

2 and 7%

loan amount

loan terms

interest rate

Almaty Invest

Investment Attraction Center

1,27 bl. KZT

5,6 thous.





Almaty Business

Almaty Business-2025 redional programme for enternpreneurship development to support small and medium-sized businesses


Almaty Finance

MFO Almaty

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SPK Almaty hotline on current business issues related to forced suspension of operations

Dear entrepreneurs!

We have opened a hotline for your current business problems related to forced business interruption and we are ready to help you within our own competence.


! Try to describe the problem in as much detail as possible.

! Please check out the directions of SPK activities before sending your request.

We work with small and medium businesses in the areas of lending, organization of joint projects, solving administrative issues. For investment activities – within the framework of Capital Construction Enterprise, Industrial Zone of Almaty and Almaty Invest on other investment projects.

Based on the information collected, a plan will be drawn up to help businesses on priority issues in the current situation.