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Selection procedure for investment projects in case of absence of lands plot (joint activity agreement)

1. Project application

A potential investor submits project documents for a certain land plot

2. Issuing comments

Provision of comments on applications for further refinement;

3. Changes

Investor makes changes, reapplies.

4. Registration

Registration of the application;

5. Consideration 1/2

Consideration of the project by the Investment Committee;

6. Consideration 2/2

Consideration of the project
at the Board meeting.

7. Request

SPK requests the land plot from Akimat;

8. Land Registration

Registration of the land plot

9. Rights Assessment

Independent assessment of the land lease right

SPK may influence an independent appraisal company by entering into an annual service agreement

10. Approval

Agreeing on and concluding the joint activity agreement

11. Redemption

The right to buy the land plot comes after receiving a positive conclusion of the State Expertise at the stage of Construction and installation works, determined by the contract

Selection procedure for investment projects in case of absence of lands plot (joint activity agreement)

1. Contest

Announcement of an open tender for implementation of a joint investment project at a facility on the SPK’s balance sheet;

2. Investor bids

Collecting applications from potential investors;

3. Review of applications

Consideration of applications by the working committee

4. Issuing comments

Issuing comments and recommendations on the applications for further refinement;

5. Finalization of the applications

Finalization of the applications by Investors based on submitted comments and recommendations;

6. Registration

Registration of the application

7. Consideration 1/2

Consideration of projects by the Investment Committee;

8. Consideration 2/2

Consideration of the draft at the meeting of the Management Board of the issue of concluding an agreement with the selected Investor.

9. Conclusion

Approval and conclusion of the contract (with the definition of the terms of the grace period and the right of redemption)

The period of grace is not regulated in any way


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